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Since I was last contacted by Be The Match in January as a potential bone marrow donation match, my health status has changed. I am no longer considered an eligible candidate for donation and have been kicked off the registry. I had been on the registry for almost 15 years and never thought about it until I came up three times as a potential match (all in the past two years). I was never called upon past the initial stages for donation.

Perhaps someone reading this may have not thought about their registration or commitment for a while and may need to update their registry information/availability, or someone new want to register.

Here’s what you need to know (as far as I understand it): Bone marrow donation can extend or save the life of people with many types of illness. Most of the time family members are not viable matches. There are two forms of donation, and which one is used is based upon the patient’s health and decisions made by the doctor and patient. The most used method these days is not surgical, simply requires the donor to take a medication (often an injection) for about a week prior to donation, the actual donation is a collection processes that is similar to donating platelets. There is also a surgical option for donation, which donors report well worth the chance to save a life. With both methods, donors may feel as though they have flu symptoms, and be achey at the donation site for the surgical donation, but a very low occurrence of any major, long term or other side effects. Donors may have to travel to the patient’s treatment site and travel expenses should be covered by Be The Match, however donors have to be ready to commit to take a few days or so away from a job or family at the time needed (possibly with only a few weeks notice). I know that it can be heartbreaking for a family desperately looking for a match to find a potential donor, and then the donor is unwilling or unable to donate.

Before you sign up with the Registry, please make sure that you are ready to commit, also make sure that if you are already registered or you plan to register, that you keep your Be The Match account updated (contact information, changes in commitment/availability, or changes to your health information, including becoming pregnant).

You can update your information or find out how to register at

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