The Balancing Act of Trying to Save the World


xmas card

I love Christmas cards!! I love making them! I love sending them! I love receiving them!

I don’t care that I have seen one hundred pictures of your children on Facebook. I still love seeing that special picture you choose to send out to spread holiday cheer. My kids love sorting through the cards and asking questions about the friends on them. One of the first times Jenny and I connected about crafting was over the the color of thread that I used to stitch that years photo to the card.

I do care about the environment. Is mailing out actually paper and plastic cards really bad? Yes because so many thousands of people do it. So how do I balance my love of holding an actually Christmas card in my hands and saving the world?

I find I ask  questions like this a lot. Is is OK to use disposable straws? Can I balance that with diapering my kids with cloth diapers? Why do my kids only eat yogurt out of the squeezer sleeves? Peas from the back yard are very nice. Is the amount of gas consumed by my mini van that much better than a Suburban? Does using fabric napkins make a difference?

While I sit and make our Christmas cards this year I will try to think about the time I met a neighbor¬† this summer. While I was describing where we lived, he interrupted and said “Oh your the house with the laundry on the line”. Yes we are!

Like much of life, saving the world is a balancing act.

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  1. I love Christmas cards- my Mom used to save them all from our close friends and relatives, then she’d put all the photo ones in albums, and you can see all the kids grow up and the families change over time– we have a Christmas Eve party and there is a constant flow of people pouring over the albums!

    • That’s a cool idea! I love the album idea. We had some Christmas place mats made out of recycled cards. Someone had fussy cut the same size circles (3″-4″ in diameter) out of the cards (such that a good picture came through centered). The circles were all laid out slightly overlapping and then glued to a solid back. Then the whole deal was laminated. It was the reason I first bought a laminator thinking I might try to replicate this, but then I learned to make place mats you really needed the next size up laminator.

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