The First Mountain

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This is a little off topic from art projects and yummy food, but I thought I would share a fun family adventure with you.

Recently we hiked a mountain! We are outdoorsy people, especially my husband. A couple years ago one of his new years resolutions was to hike a mountain a month. We were all very excited to hike out first mountain together. We started smallish, Pack Monadnock in NH. It was a great success! The baby (now 2) was carried in a back pack. The big girl hiked it all by her self. She was toast by the end, she did not getting out of the parking lot with her eyes open, but she did it! I think the big boy could have hiked another mile. He was out front the whole way with his compass around his neck just in case.

The trial was well marked and well traveled. Much of it was climbing over rocks, which delighted my kids. At the top there is a fire tower, on a clear day you can see all sorts of New England attractions including Mt. Washington and the Boston sky line.

pack m3 pack m1 pack m2

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One Comment

  1. We are going on Sept 13-14-15! Can’t wait! LOVE the pics! Love the blog!

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