To iPad or not to iPad


We just returned from a week of fun in the sun!! It was awesome! Lots of swimming, yummy food, and great company. We went to one of those all inclusive places. So we ate all day. Breakfast buffet, lunch by the pool, and then restaurants for dinner. Many snacks and fun drinks in between.

It was tricky to eat in restaurant for so many days in a row.  Especially with three young kids. They got very squirmy, slouchy, and floppy. We kept them engaged with many games of “I’m thinking of an animal” and “I spy”. We even had several all family (including my parents and sister) game of telephone. We also talked about what was the best part of the day and what to do the next day.

To the outsider we looked like the rowdy family with restless kids.

Many of the families around us were very quiet, with children sitting on there bottoms, and most of them with some sort of electronic devise entertaining them.  Some families the parents were also looking at an electronic devise while eating dinner.

To me the other kids looked like they were not disturbing anyone.

I have mixed feelings about this…to iPad or not to iPad. You will defiantly catch me checking my smart phone when I am out and about with my kids. Most of the time I am checking email or Facebook. Some times it is helping me engage with my kids when they ask  a tricky question and we are checking Google for the answer. And my kids defiantly play plenty of “Plants vs. Zombies” and “Cut the Rope” (among other smart phone stuff).

However I am old school about the dinner table. Dinner is a time to connect with one another even though it can get crazy, loud,  and squirmy.



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