Bird Time


I often cross paths and walk dogs with various neighbors. We discuss, marvel over and appreciate dog behavior. I have had a number of conversations about how routine our dogs are. I can tell what time it is by what my dog is doing. During the day, if I’m working and she gets up from her nap to go out in the yard, I know it’s close to 12:30pm. When she starts asking for dinner, I know it’s around 4:30pm (even though she doesn’t typically eat until 5:30pm).


The same goes for the birds who visit my yard. For a couple of years years, three blue jays and three cardinals came between 9-9:30am.  If I saw them, I knew it was that time; and if I knew it was that time, I could pretty much always look out and find them. We have also had deer, turkey and crows at specified times.


But the longest running timekeeper was the red tail hawks. We had one or two doing big circles high up around 2pm for many years. And last month a hawk started landing somewhere in the trees (or swing sets) behind my house or in our close neighbors yards and visible most days around 4pm. This has been great fun to see him/her up close.


Do you have any regular visitors?

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