Roasted Chick Peas


Have you tried roasting chickpeas yet? My kids love them as a snack, there is some protein in them, they are easy to make, and you can control ingredients/salt/flavor.

We’ve tried a number of ways to roast chickpeas/garbanzo beans/cici beans and used a number of different seasonings. (And that number we’ve tried is greater than one for both variables.)

You can google interesting seasoning recipes. Just salt works best for our family, but we’ve tried some variations such as a curry sort of thing, cinnamon, taco, and rosemary. I just tried to make one like Chex Mix (season salt, garlic powder and Worcestershire), but the taste of the beans overpowered the seasoning after roasting that salt would been better (though the whole batch was gone within 15 minutes of school bus arrivals).


For roasting, our most successful method is to use canned or rehydrated beans (we’ve tried both), rinse and dry them off with paper towels. I put them on a cookie sheet with a little olive oil and salt and shake them around. Then I roast at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for about 35 minutes, shaking the cookie sheet every 10 minutes or so.  The cook time varies. Sometimes they crisp up quickly and begin to burn very suddenly so you have to keep an eye out (or maybe you prefer them burnt anyway). Sometimes they never really get crisp.

Roasted chic peas are great out of the oven and within the hour or so afterwards. And okay after that, but they do start to get soft again (my son keeps trying to bring them in his lunch and has been disappointed every time at the texture change).

These are definitely nice and easy snack option to try!


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