Busy Weekend


Everyone around these parts seems to have a lot on their calendars this weekend.

My preschooler and I were looking around Petco the other day. I saw this product:


You click the track together into a circle, put your hamster in an exercise ball and set him to run around in circles.

You ever feel like you are on that?

Some days are like that.

Big Ben. Parliament.

Some days are like this:

(I have no idea what this will look like if you have an email subscription, but it’s a youtube video.)

Including the ending where your son suddenly announces an urgency to poop.

(I added the soundtrack since the original was me laughing at myself saying “where are my keys? where are my keys? I know I left them somewhere around here. Anyone seen my keys? Where are my keys?”)

You know when you are carrying a load of laundry in your arms and a sock drops, and you bend down to pick it up, only to drop a t-shirt. When you bend back down to pick that up, you know something else is going to fall and you have that moment of deciding whether to just throw the whole thing down and walk away, or leave some behind and backtrack, or continue to pick them all up thinking you got them all but when you go back an hour later you find a few things you didn’t even know fell out.

Yeah, those days suck.

Don’t listen to the old ladies in the grocery store telling you to savor every minute of it because it’s gone before you know it, they just add to the stress and guilt of not enjoying every minute of those days. We’re happy, old ladies, we like our kids, we enjoy them and value our time with them honest, we really do.

Instead, picture the perfect summer day, kids playing outside, cold drink in your hand. The weather this weekend will help you along. It’s coming.




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  1. This one made me laugh out loud. Especially seeing Paul’s reflection in the glass and the moment he realized he had some business to attend to.

    About the sock: have you been watching me on laundry day? 🙂

    • No, I’m still holding a bubble washer grudge when it comes to you and laundry, but I did write the cold drink pretty much just for you.

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