Happy New Year! We’re back!


Happy New Year, TwoCleverMoms readers!

School is back in session here. Time to get back to work.



Today always seemed like a good enough time to start something new, that I’ve never been big or spent much time thinking about New Years health or lifestyle resolutions. I generally let January 1st resolutioning slide, but when pressed, I’ve come up with a few.

One year I resolved to exfoliate regularly. That’s never really happened.

Maybe 7 years ago I made a successful resolution to always fold the laundry when I take it out of the dryer. My rule was the laundry could sit in the dryer for days (it often does) or be folded and not put away immediately (it often does this too), but taking it out of the dryer it had to be folded. I’ve stuck with that pretty well and only a handful of times per year have I pulled out a load of laundry and dumped it on the bed to be folded before bed. That was a good resolution.



Instead of New Years resolutions I do reflect a little on the past year and think about things to look forward to in the next year. I looked back at my New Years Eve post last year, and I’ve done pretty good with expectations for the past year. Except that dang fabric stash  hanging over my head. I’m still working on that. And I was only slightly better at RSVP’ing.

I had a bit of a rocky health year last year, so I’m hoping that will be left behind in 2013.  I also want to make sure my kids (at least the two older ones for now, the boy may be too young yet) know how to confidently do more general life skill stuff  – how to (reliably) run the washing machine, how to clean a toilet and do a thorough job dusting, how to leave and take a good phone message, how to properly water a houseplant, how and when to make a sincere apology, how to fry an egg, things like that. Watching my 9 year old (poorly) vacuum or dead fish hand shake someone, I think I’ve only half taught them, and learning through watching isn’t cutting it with all skills.


We spent some time visiting family over the holiday vacation. On the long car rides we filled in a 2014 family bucket list. There are a few personal goals on there and some house projects, but mostly the list is made up of destinations or activities (from ranging from go carts to visit Philadelphia). I’m looking forward to working on that list.

And in 2014, Sarah and I may finally pull ourselves together to push TwoCleverMoms towards it’s original intention. Paperwork begins this week. We hope you’ll enjoy watching us continue to baby step our way forward towards our goals. Please contact us with any comments, suggestions or recommendations, we’d love to hear from you and have appreciated your support and feedback along the way!

Have a wonderful and creative year!


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  1. Nice to see you back!

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