Can You Love a Sourdough Starter?

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For almost 6 years (about as long as this blog has been around) I have been making sourdough bread about once a month. Less in the summer. My husband and I went on a little overnight trip for our 10th anniversary (in 2012) and acquired some sourdough starter from an art gallery of all places. The starter was part of a modern art instillation. I baked with it for years. Here is a recipe I shared in December 2012. Then one summer it was too hot to bake and the starter got yucky and gray and I threw it away. I thought it some how represented my love for my husband and I hadn’t taken care of it. Then with the help from King Arthur I found a recipe to start a sourdough from scratch. And rekindled my love!! I thought I was nuts putting so much sentimentality in to my sourdough starter. Until today when my Dad sent me an article called “Love Is Like a Sourdough Starter – It Can Last Forever, or Get Super Smelly and Weird”.   Thanks Dad! Off to make another batch!

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One Comment

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