Those Giant Crinkled Chocolate Chip Cookies


This summer I was reading about the giant flat crinkled chocolate chip cookies that swept the blog world last fall. Recipe bloggers were trying to recreate and perfect the original recipe and it was on multiple blogs and multiple recipes.

These cookies were sort of the opposite of my go to chocolate chip cookie recipe – big and flat as opposed to small and thick. They both had a gooey aspect, but maybe gooey in different ways. The new recipe was allegedly crispy and gooey. The key to the new recipe was a combination of chilling the dough and banging the pan while baking. Interesting.

I tried one of the recipes this summer. I followed the recipe right off of my laptop. The recipe was deemed a success and the recipe “a keeper” by my family and a couple neighbors who fancy themselves chocolate chip connoisseurs (or at least big fans).

A couple months after that I decided to make the new big flat chocolate chip cookie again. But I couldn’t find the recipe. I searched and I searched and I couldn’t remember where I had originally found it and I couldn’t find it again.

And a month after that, I tried again. And had no luck.

And two weeks, I tried again to find it for a birthday.

AND THEN last week, a different neighbor having no idea I’ve been looking or even knew this recipe existed, but also a huge chocolate chip cookie fan who saw the recipe on instagram shows up at my door with the recipe. The same recipe! How crazy is that? It may not be your version of crazy, but it certainly seemed crazy for me. He had also brought with him a deep longing for giant flat crinkled chocolate chip cookies and bars of bittersweet chocolate to contribute.  I made him the cookies.

My kids and husband approved.

I doubled the recipe and changed a couple things (for example, I refrigerated the dough overnight and then skipped the freezing the dough – though I did freeze the cookie sheets before baking), but it is basically the original – Sarah Kieffer’s recipe from “The Vanilla Bean Baking Book.”  I can give you my recipe, but think you should go to/read about and give credit to the original!


pan-banging chocolate chip cookies


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