Cool Card


card4My father has always been a great card finder. He sends well crafted, beautifully printed, or perfectly funny cards for all occasions. He sent us all these beautiful cards for Valentine’s Day last week. They are by Ted Naos.  I though I would try to make a simple one. Here is my attempt.

Cool Card


  • 8×10 paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • markers



  1. Fold the paper in half. Then fold each side one quarter of the way back. card2
  2. With the pencil draw on the center part of the card whatever words or design you would like. Make sure the text or image touches the folds at least a couple times through out the design. If not the card will fall apart.
  3. Carefully cut out negative space of the design. Wikipedia describes artistic negative space much better than I ever could. card1
  4. You can cut out 100% of the negative space. I chose to not tackle the insides of the letters like A or D or P. So I highlighted them with the marker when I was done.

I will work more on this and keep you posted.


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