While my in laws were in town last week we went to the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem. The big boy was interested in the ships and we told all sorts of pirate stories. There is a fancy hat exhibit that the big girl liked. My favorite part was the gift shop. The beautiful museum shop jewelry, the books, and the fancy Christmas ornaments caught my eye. There were particularly sparkly butterflies and birds ornaments. Another person might have purchase the ornament for their tree. I tried to figure out how I could recreate them.  Often time there isn’t a cost difference, but it is the process that is the most fun.

So my sister, the big boy, and I went to the craft store and I found Foamies Glitter Sheets and got very excited!! (The Amazon image does not give justice to how wonderfully sparkly they are.) We pulled out beads, glitter glue, some stretchy string, sequins, ribbon,  scissors,  glue gun and went to town. We all experimented with the different tools and supplies (except only mom and aunty got to play with the hot glue gun). I am afraid there wasn’t one set of instructions to give you. I hope you have fun experimenting too.


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