No More Stuff!


Tomorrow or the next day I am going to post about stuff.  Stuff that would be great gifts to give this holiday season. Today I am going to talk about gifts that either come with no stuff or limited stuff.  My kids will certainly get stuff this Christmas from us. Much of it hand made, some of it outdoor gear, some boring like socks, and some like the Lego or Hello Kitty thing they requested. I do encourage the grandparents to not give stuff. Here is what we ask for:

Museum Memberships: We have sampled a bunch of museums: Children’s Museum, Science Museum, Zoo, and Ecotarium. The zoo was great and it is free parking, so the day trip is basically free.  However we are mostly looking for things to do when it is cold and gloomy in New England. A rainy day is not so fun at the zoo.  The last couple of years we have had the Ecotraium membership. The biggest perk with this membership is that you get in free to both the Science and Children’s Museum!

Magazine Subscriptions: Kids love getting mail! We have been getting various magazines from the publishing company Cricket. “Babybug” is fun and long lasting we still have years of copies (small stuff). The big boy has been getting “Click”. It is read, enjoyed, and then recycled. We are going to try the classic “Ranger Rick” this year. I’ll let you know how he likes it.

Do you have any suggestions for gifts that come with no or little stuff?





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  1. My kids, in addition to ALL THE STUFF, requested gift cards- favorite restaurants, laser tag, Office Max (?). Also: for it to snow, for our 17yo dog to never die, and for a lost yellow ball to return.

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