Magazine beads


I used to make magazine beads in middle school. I had forgotten about them until we went to a story time and craft at Barefoot Books. The kids could string already made magazine beads onto thread. We went home and with a little experimenting the process of making the beads came back to me. It was before the holidays and a great way to use all the catalogs that were flooding the mail box. beads1

Magazine Beads


  • old magazines or catalogs
  • scissors
  • glue, glue glitter, or gloss medium
  • plastic straws


  1. Cut long skinny triangles from the magazines and catalogs. About one inch at the widest and about 3 inches long. Pay attention to the colors and textures and patterns. White with black text works well too.
  2. Place a dab of glue on the end of a straw. Place the wide end of a paper triangle on top of the glue/straw. bead6
  3. Wrap the rest of the triangle around the straw. bead5
  4. Place a dab of glue at the small end of the triangle. Or use glitter glue or gloss medium for a more shinny or sparkly effect. bead4
  5. Press the tip of the triangle down so it won’t unravel.
  6. Cut the straw were the bead ends. bead3
  7. Let dry. Make a bunch more and string together. beads2
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  1. Love this idea! But I’m assuming you did the work of making the beads and left the “fun” part (playing with the beads) for the kids….

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