Idea Dice

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My kids often get stuck on what to create. I saw this idea in a newsletter that came home with my son. If you have a child in the same elementary school as I do you may have seen this idea in the Family Bulletin. I thought it was brilliant and made two sets. It is meant to start the creative process with at least 3 ideas.


Idea Dice


  • 3 wooden blocks
  • At least 6 different colored sharpy markers


  1. On one block simply color each side with a different color.
  2. On the second block draw a shape on each side.
  3. On the third draw an object on each side.
  4. Have your child roll the dice to see what they should paint, draw, or other wise create.

I did the drawing on the wood for these sets, but next time I will have them do it.

The idea came from the Resources for Education.

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