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In honor of this week being Pet Appreciation Week:

When we adopted our dog from a local animal shelter a couple years ago we took on a number of start up costs. Adoption fee, food, crate, bed, toys, leash, collar, and vet appointments, vaccines and meds. Looking through the papers from the shelter, we debated adding on the yearly subscription fee to have our dogs microchip registered.

Shelter pets are automatically microchipped, while pets from breeders may opt for this. Microchipping means a tiny microchip about the size of a piece of rice is inserted under the pets skin. The microchip holds information (a number) that can be read by a special device (usually owned by veterinarians or animal control).


The thing is, you have to register your information to be associated with your pet’s unique microchip. When we received our dog and her paperwork, we decided to skip $10-$20/year to have her chip registered and revisit it after the start up costs cooled down. I realize it’s not a huge investment for how much pets become a part of the family, but still…

Since we’ve had our dog I have found a few lost dogs, and I always revisit the microchip registry cost debate. This weekend I found this: foundanimals.org.  A non-profit agency helping lost pets find their way back to their owners where can register your pet’s microchip for free. Awesome! Problem solved (There are also lots of ways to donate,  and, not to take away from the company the shelter was with, registration fees are used to donate microchips for other shelter animals.)

But I was happy to discover foundanimals.org.

Another thing I discovered this weekend that I was happy about was Trader Joe’s Sweet Sriracha Uncured Bacon Jerky, which was very tasty (warning: it has a hot Sriracha kick to it!)




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