It is hard to believe it was almost 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest, in the middle of my graduate thesis, and had the privilege to attend a workshop in Western MA run by Peter London. My graduate thesis was called “Finding Meaning in Technical Photography”. I was trying to get past the lenses, printing, film developing, and composition to help my students create authentic art work that expressed what was important to them. As a result create richer, deeper, more beautiful images. Peter London is the master of helping people do just that. The workshop was very powerful in the way we approached making art and what we learned about helping others make art. What I remember most about this week long workshop was the amazing people that attended. In particular four other women I met. We have gone our separate ways and barely keep in touch through Facebook.

peter london girls


Until just recently when I reached out to Nan (far right). Even in my short time being with Nan, she was continually writing her thoughts into small moleskin books.  She has started putting her journals on a blog and posting them on her Facebook page. I quickly started reading them! Talk about richer, deeper, more beautiful. Her insight on life and motherhood is spectacular. The latest post was about Orbeez. We have seemed to have missed Orbeez in this house. By the look of Amazon there are all sorts of toys that go along with them. I love Nan’s approach to them being about experimenting and even as a tool for her garden. Check out Nan’s blog called Desolate Beach.

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