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This quick transition between Thanksgiving and Christmas is throwing me for a loop! How is the Hanukkah Thanksgiving overlap going for those who celebrate Hanukkah? I was going to post about Thanksgiving leftover ideas today, but am assuming that many of you are moving as fast as I am past Thanksgiving. If you are interested here is a great pot pie recipe and the one pot pasta worked well with the last of the turkey tonight.

I am trying to slow down during this busy time. One thing that I was particularly thankful for on Thanksgiving day was that we make art everyday. It might be play dough or coloring or something much more elaborate. Most meals in my house evolve from eating into some sort of making. Usually distracting from the eating or a left over drink messing up the project. Sitting and getting absorbed into the process of making has been a great way for me to slow down.

Here is our latest project.



Jenny and I are always getting ideas (or what I think of as challenges) from people around us. Watching our boys and their dad playing a post Thanksgiving flag football game my friend Laura mentioned 3D snowflakes she was making with her kids. I was instantly intrigued. And came home to check out You Tube to figure it out my self.

Here are two instructional videos that can help you if you would like to make your own.

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  1. Thanks Sarah! I have wanted to make these forever and now I have no excuse! Jenny’s Mom

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