Old ideas



I was just looking through the pictures on my computer and saw some things that I had taken pictures of with the intent to post, but for one reason or another I did not post and I did not delete them from my computer. Here are some:


    1. I bought a smaller set of these hard boiled egg molds this summer:  APT® Egg plate 6pcs set Star Fish Car Heart Rabbit Bear Shape (affiliate link). They made us laugh. You’d probably need extra large eggs to fill it correctly, and when we tried putting them in lunches, the shapes undid over time. I guess with a bigger set you could send them in lunches in the mold.


    2. I made corn chowder this summer by grating the raw corn into the soup. It was easy, creamy, no need to blend later. I just used the corn, some potatoes, onion, broth, salt and pepper.



    3. I used The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pie Crust Recipe to make apple hand pies and raspberry tarts. It was a pretty easy pie crust recipe.


    4. On the other hand, I tried to make Spelt Flour pie crust for healthier homemade pop-tarts, and it was not good, even for a healthier version.


That’s all I got for now!

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