Hand Pies Make Me Happy


This is an advertisement for hand pies. I don’t have a solid recipe I use, so I just wanted to give a shout out to all hand pies and encourage others to make their own.

I really dig hand pies. My last batch exploded to almost all look like awesome faces looking at me, as if hand pies didn’t make me happy enough.


In high school we could walk to a convenience mart during lunch or before sports practices. I loved to get Drakes or Hostess fruit pies (mostly apple). I also liked the McDonald’s apple pies and am feeling a little nostalgic opening up that cardboard sleeve for a hot pie.

When I stopped frequenting convenient marts, I sort of forgot about hand pies. And then I saw a picture/recipe online a few years ago. I’m guessing homemade hand pies are only slightly better for you than the commercially mass produced versions, but they are just as (and sometimes even more) tasty.


I won’t say they are as easy as pie (yes, I made myself laugh out loud typing that), but they are just about as easy as making a whole pie. Depending on your filling, making hand pies are not only incredibly quick and easy to make, but super convenient to eat. They are portable and go great in a lunch box. You don’t have to eat an entire pie within a week. You can make a batch and freeze some and pull them out one or two at a time, so as a mom can make your favorite and hide them or not worry that no one else likes them! They are easier than pie to share. If you are into crust, there is lots of crust! I like store bought crust, which makes life even easier.

Hand pies make me happy.    img_7017


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