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canvas paintings


I am gearing up to do a big art project. So the first step was to clean out and reorganize my studio. In the process I found several blank stretched canvases. So yesterday the kids and I painted on them. We used acrylic paint.  Very risky for small children. I don’t have any pictures of the process because I didn’t take my eyes off the kids and their brushes. The baby only had her diaper on and the others were remarkably careful. The results are fabulous and ready to hang.

There isn’t really a how to for this, but I thought of some hints.

  • For bigger kids have them make their plan on the canvas with a pencil. Then paint in the details.
  • For littler kids stick to one family of colors. Blue, green, yellow or red, orange, yellow or red, purple, blue. The little ones can’t resist mixing all the colors together. If red, blue, and yellow are offered to them they will turn it into a grey, brown muddy mess.
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One Comment

  1. Great idea Sarah! I have dozens of canvases that Daniel and I have painted together, and it’s always been way too much fun — and make for great house decor too! We actually have a Daniel gallery going. But I haven’t taken the acrylic leap! I’m sure mixing and creating texture is far more creativity – inducing with the more sophisticated medium. Will try soon and let you know how we make out! Knowing Daniel, he’ll look something like green pepper when we’re done! Great idea . . .

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