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A couple weeks ago I took the kids on a last minute last trip of the summer to visit my parents. In the weekly newspaper I saw an ad forĀ  10″ potholder looms from Harrisville Designs at a book/gift store. I coincidentally was cleaning out some craft stuff and had gotten out our smaller plastic loom the week before and tried to get the kids to use it, so was very interested in the bigger loom.

We happened to go to the store. As it turns out, my mother had seen a woman demonstrating these larger looms a few weeks before and was also intrigued. We both had the smaller looms as kids. We both enjoyed seeing the beautiful designs and functional quality of the finished products from the demonstration left for sale. We both were a little dismayed at the price, however my mom took the plunge as an early birthday present for both of us. We both got our own new toy looms.

And they are pretty awesome.


People think I’m far more Pinterest and Martha Stewart crafty than I am, but I have little interest in decorations, fashion or decor. I like to make stuff, but don’t like to waste stuff. I like my crafts to challenge me and let me be creative but to be functional, and typically something that might make a nice gift. These potholders fit the bill. They take a little work, but are easy to make and with the bigger loom and the high quality loops they create a very functional end product as a pot holder or trivet. The loops come in a ton of colors. My kids (ages 8, 10 and 12) can easily make them on their own. You can make one in one sitting, or put it down and easily see where you left off.


It’s some good stuff. A great early birthday present and not something I might have spent the money on for myself (or maybe would have bought under the guise of buying it for my kids, but really getting it for myself). My kids, who had no interest in the small loom the week before were also very interested in trying their hand at the big loom. My favorite part is figuring out patterns and replicating the patterns seen in the potholders for sale at the store. My mom really likes the potholders themselves and reliving her childhood!

Thanks, Ma!


In other news, is anyone in the market for a potholder?

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One Comment

  1. Making a two-colored purple right now. It really is much better than always playing online games. Yes, back to my childhood but also a great senior citizen activity!

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