Power Strip Management


Here is something quick and easy that has made me happy and might make you  happy too.

I’ve been mounting my power strips to the wall with 3M Command Strips. I admit these don’t always peel as nicely off the wall for me as I’d like, but I’ve mounted power strips to walls and furniture with screws and the lining up of mounting holes as well as the aftermath of that job installation is certainly messier.

It started with my desk. I was more tired of it underfoot than interested in making the wires look neater (I don’t believe that office wires can never really look especially neat). And it’s been awesome. I’ve been slowly doing it around the house.


The power strips in my bedroom are the ones that make me the most nuts, they do look sloppy, but also, they slide under furniture and I can never reach them, and they always trap a nest of dust and dog hair. If I’m quickly vacuuming or Swiffering, it’s much easier if the strips and wire tangles are off the ground to grab dust bunnies.


The office and bedside power strips in the pictures here are both mounted so they are easier for me to reach and use (and quickly clean around), but you can also mount them so they stay more out of sight (to the back of a desk, TV cabinet, or bed, even the underside of a nightstand).




Good simple easy stuff.




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