Two Random Reviews

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I wanted to share a couple random things (Amazon affiliate links)!

  • Solitaire Chess: This is a challenging brain teaser. It’s more brain teaser than chess, but you somewhat use the rules of chess movement (only can move in any direction) to play. If you like chess and brainteasers, this is a fun combination.
  • Bee’s Wrap I finally tried this. The internet always seems to be recommending it to me one place or another. It does work. It took me a little while to figure out how to use it. For example, it only sticks to itself, so you have to overlap the Bee’s Wrap on itself to seal bowls, it won’t just stick to the bowl like plastic wrap. They are rather expensive and I’m not sure washing them with gentle soap and water would be enough for me if I were sending them in a school lunch during flu season (or any season?). I like to run things through the dishwasher. So I’m not switched over, but in looking for ways to lower plastic use, these may be an okay option.
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One Comment

  1. I used Bee’s wrap for a while, and after some time it became difficult to clean. On the bright side, they are compostable, but I’d rather they lasted longer to begin with. It’s possible I just didn’t find the optimal washing method.

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