Snow prints


My kids and I wanted a dog long before my husband bought into the idea of getting a dog. He had a bunch of reasons behind not wanting a dog. His biggest tool in trying to throw us off the dog hunt was to look out the window during inclement weather and say “who is going to walk the dog in weather like this?!”

A couple years of having a dog and neither of us really mind walking the dog in any weather. Honestly, our dog finds cold, rain and heat more torturous than we do. In general, I really enjoy walking the dog. I listen to audiobooks and look around keeping an eye out for changes, mysteries and new things, or I walk with neighbors and their dogs.

There aren’t so many flowers or leaves to look at these days, but something I really enjoy trying to figure out is who crosses our path. It’s oddly fun for me to figure out the prints and make up stories as to what was going on.

There are a finite number of crossing paths on an early morning dog walk in my neighborhood, but I always love the idea, reminder and proof that I am just small piece of this infinite world.

IMG_3529 IMG_3537 IMG_3535 IMG_3533 IMG_3534

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