The Birthday Pressure


We recently went to a pirate themed party and were served these. So simple! What a brilliant idea! Like most of my ideas, the mom of the pirate birthday boy found it on another blog and made them her own. That’s why we blog to spread the ideas for others to steal. Or I as like to call it appropriate.

I am feeling like a hypocrite. I was so excited about attending the DIY pirate party with the kids and not going to another programmed party at a rented space.  Then the big boys birthday is coming up and all he wants is a bowling party. He has asked several times. With all my creative juices going I have not figured out how to create a bowling ally in my home. So off I go to rent out a space at the local bowling ally.  I now know why parents do this. One phone call and a deposit later it is done. But my guilt is getting the better of me. So here is my hand made invitation. I have fabulous favors percolating in head – just wait – I will certainly post about them too.


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