April 29, 2013
by sarah
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We have recently discovered three fun, messy, things to do with cornstarch. Even if you hate the messy part keep reading. Cornstarch is remarkable easy to clean up. 1. Side walk paint: I would say about 2:1 water to cornstarch, … Continue reading

April 26, 2013
by jenny

Busy Weekend

Everyone around these parts seems to have a lot on their calendars this weekend. My preschooler and I were looking around Petco the other day. I saw this product: You click the track together into a circle, put your hamster … Continue reading

April 18, 2013
by sarah
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Vacation Week!!

  My big kids had Peeps and Goldfish crackers for breakfast. Then we stopped at 5 Guys for lunch coming home from picking this up…. Every thing in moderation right?

April 16, 2013
by sarah


We are so very sad about what happened yesterday at the Boston Marathon. We are counting our blessings that we are all fine and the ones that we love are safe too. We hope that you and everyone you know … Continue reading