Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is a great thing to celebrate with your kids to increase awareness and just another reason to celebrate life, nature, the world and the people in it.

Here are some ideas you can do this week to celebrate Earth Day:

1. Plan out your vegetable or flower garden. We are almost ready to plant around our house. Call for a dirt delivery if you need it this year, so you’ll be ready.


2. Pick up some litter while you are standing around at the playground or ball fields.

3. Turn the heat off for the season in at least one zone of your house.

4. Go on a hike, bird watching, star gazing or just stare out the window and appreciate the world around you.


5. Put something in the recycling bin that you wouldn’t normally put the effort into walking across the house or carrying home in the car.

6. Let the kids build something with materials from the recycling bin. There are ideas all over the internet and Pinterest. Here’s one fun list.

7. Celebrate Meatless Monday and/or eat locally grown foods.

8. Come up with a list of ways you can save energy around the house.

9. Make the commitment to switch to earth friendly cleaning and personal hygiene products the next time you need to buy them.

10. Carpool somewhere you wouldn’t normally carpool.

11. Give your drier a rest. Hang your laundry outside.



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