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I mentioned this (literally) years ago but this still holds true. My kids love comic strips and graphic novels.

Kids especially love Foxtrot, Big Nate (they like the novels more than the compilation of weekly strips, though read them both), and all Raina Telgemeier graphic novels. They also all really like Svetlana Chmakova (Brave and Awkward), and Victoria Jamieson (All’s Faire in Middle School and Roller Girl).  My daughter reads Babymouse and the graphic novels based off of Studio Ghibli books. My son likes HiloFranklin Richards, Amulet, Explorers, Lunch Lady, and so so so many others!  (FYI, those are Amazon Affiliate links.)

My son also likes drawing comic strips. We don’t have natural pen on paper talent and aren’t awesome at drawing at our house, but we still enjoy it and have worked on a few specialties. My son has been working on his drawing lately. He has a bunch of how to draw comics books, but mostly he likes to look up pictures or YouTube videos on how to draw. On YouTube, he likes the Art for Kids Hub station lately – you see a split screen of a teacher showing a kid how to draw easy and cute drawings. We have some creating comic strips instruction books and some books with blank comic templates. My 9 year old revisits The Superhero Comic Kit way more than the others.

And believe it or not, maybe 7 years after we first discovered it, we are still using  to quickly and easily make our own comic strips online! They are great for making birthday cards for people! We also use it to for some school stuff – it’s great for the kids to break things down and be able to explain concepts or tell a story.

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One Comment

  1. Thanks for sharing! Graphic novels and comics are such fantastic “gateway books” to get kids hooked on reading. Our girls’ favorites (for ages 5-9) include: anything by Shannon Hale, including the “Princess in Black” series and “Rapunzel’s Revenge”, anything by Ben Hatke, including the “Zita the Spacegirl” series and the “Mighty Jack” series. And ALL of the Super Hero High DC Comics.

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