Love to try: Fingernails.


I’d love to experience what it feels like to have those super creepy world record longest fingernails.

I’d guess I’d last about 3 minutes before I’d want them off. But it would be interesting to try doing stuff with those claws. I wonder how heavy, fragile and dirty they feel and if I’d use my elbow to flip a light switch. I wonder if these people have to sleep flat on their back or sitting in a chair. I’m guessing they wear slip on shoes and have people who do most things for them to protect the nails (like drive, fold laundry, or pick a poppy seed out of their teeth) and I’d guess they eat (and do most things) sort of like wearing mittens, but how do they wash their hands? I’d like to try maneuvering them under a rest stop sink and see people’s faces.

I went on youtube to look for a link to post of people doing things with their record setting nails and boy, was that ever a quick route to the wacky side of interesting people videos on youtube…. I’ll leave it to you to look if you are interested.

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