Raspberry Rainbow


I knew there were black raspberries. And I knew there white raspberries. But when we went to Wegman’s this week, we saw Golden and Sunshine Raspberries! Wow!


The people who love raspberries in our house (my husband, my oldest and me), really really love raspberries. We were surprised to see the variety. My son likes raspberries well enough, but not fanatical like the rest of us. We had a taste test.


Since it is red raspberry season, the red raspberries were great, sweet and delicious. They were my husbands favorite. But my two kids who entered the taste test and I all preferred the Sunshine raspberries, and thought they were just a little juicier and sweeter than the traditional (for us) red raspberries. The golden raspberries were probably not quite as fresh, seemed a little soft and didn’t have quite as much flavor as the others, so ended in last place.

Hooray for summer produce!!!!

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