Ball vs. Nest


Jenny and I both love being outdoors. We enjoy being in the woods and living close by to nature. Our homes get visited by lots of critters and we mostly like it that way. I try nicely to convince some critters not to visit. Sometimes for our comfort and sometimes for theirs. I try to keep the deer away to limit the ticks in the yard and so they won’t eat my plants. I encourage most birds to visit. We have a small tree near our front door that has a perfect fork in the branches for a nest. Such a comfy spot, but always getting interrupted by our playing in the yard and coming in and out of the door. We thought we solved the problem by putting a ball in the tree. Recently a robin has worked the ball into her architectural plan. She leaves the nest as soon as the front door is open. We shall see what happens when the babies are born.

birds nest 3birds nest 2birds nest 1

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