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I’d guess that of the Two Clever Mom’s reader population at this point, you either personally know Sarah, me, or one of our mothers.

If you know me, you know that the way my life works, one day I will find a lost dog and 6 hours later I will be stopped by someone asking directions to my street, only to later figure out that is the owner of the lost dog. And the next day, someone I never met before will knock on my door, tell me she found something in the street outside of my house and is running late to a meeting and hand me a baby robin.

That was yesterday and today.

The bird is pretty cool. I love bird watching, so maybe that makes it extra cool. I’m not totally sure that he’ll make it. But for now, as I said, it’s pretty cool.




When the bird was dropped off, I put him in an opened bug collector my kids had left on the front doorsteps while my son and I looked for the nest. We could hear (but not see) the momma bird nearby, and left the the bird in the yard near where it was found.


After looking for a nest for 45 minutes (and finding two chickadee and one nuthatch nest) I looked online and saw we could hang a homemade nest in a tree nearby. I tried that and left him and stayed away, watching the nest, but momma still never came. It was getting close to a couple hours since we had him, and I also read that that is about the time you should call someone or forget about it, so we moved the homemade nest to the ground in a part of the yard that robins frequent.  Lo and behold, momma (or papa) did a few low fly overs. Baby jumped out of our nest and started walking. Momma came back and fed the baby.


I watched for an hour (my kids had waning interest at this point). Momma kept coming back. I was so proud of momma, and I was giving my kids speeches like “There, now, don’t you see, don’t you think I would be looking for you with a chewed up worm in my mouth, ready to find you and throw up into your whining beak if you did something dumb like fall out of the nest before you could fly?” They nodded their heads.


I also felt bad for momma, thinking about her responsibilities to babies somewhere else. I wonder how often this happens and if they talk about it forever at family reunions, “Hey, remember when Jimmy fell out of the nest and had to sleep in an ice cream tub?”

I went in to start dinner and the woman who had dropped off the bird stopped by on her way home from work to check on him. He was still on the ground where I’d last seen him. She wanted me to tie the nest back up for him (we have coyotes, cats, fisher cats and I’m sure lots of other baby bird predators regularly prowling the neighborhood). So we put it up.

I haven’t seen momma since, so maybe I’ll put him back down on the ground, but he’s there looking for his next worm.




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  1. I feel like you need to have a guard protecting him tonight.

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