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Last summer the local library made bingo cards to encourage kids to continue to read over the summer. The bingo grid had all sorts of suggestions for types of books to read. If a kid read all the books in a row, column, or diagonal they would get a prize. My big boy, who loves games and books, took this very seriously and wanted to complete all the squares. One of them suggested taking a craft book out and doing a project. As a result we discovered the series of books “Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About…”  We took the “… Dinosaurs” one home. Once again (check out Sandy) with paint and paper towel rolls we made this critter / toy.


Baryonyx Flip Game
Adapted from “Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Dinosaurs” by Kathy Ross Illustrated by Sharon Lane Holm


  • 2 cardboard paper-towel tubes
  • cereal box cardboard
  • cardboard egg carton
  • yarn
  • aluminum foil
  • black permanent marker
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • white glue
  • masking tape
  • poster paint
  • paint brush


  1. With scissors cut a triangle shaped wedge, 3 inches long, out of each side of one end of a tube. This will be the dinosaur’s mouth.
  2. Cut a slit 6 inches long in the other tube. Wrap the two edges of the cut tube around each other to form a cone. Hold the cone shape in place with masking tape. Cut a slit 4 inches long in the other end of the tube. Glue around the outside of the cut tube and slide it into the first tube, with the cone end out, to form the tail of the dinosaur.
  3. Cut two legs and arms from the cardboard. Don’t forget to cut claws. Glue them on the sides of the dinosaur.
  4. Cut 3 egg cups from the egg carton and glue them on the back. Let the glue dry.dino2
  5. Paint the dinosaur.
  6. Cut the piece of yarn 20 inches long. Ball up a the piece of aluminum foil and shape into a fish. Punch a hole with the hole punch in the bottom jaw of the dinosaur. Tie one end of the yarn to one the jaw and the other around the fish.dino 1
  7. Have fun trying to catch the fish in the dinosaur’s mouth.dino3

Jenny and I both have very crafty boys. We know it is hard to find projects to do with them. Most craft / art projects are marketed to girls. Keep checking in, we are planning more ideas like this one that are more gender neutral or boy centered.


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