Sarah’s Popovers


I made Sarah’s Popovers tonight.

I never liked popovers. They don’t have a ton of taste on their own (strawberry butter sounds wonderful!) The act of eating a popover always kind of reminded me of a piece of chapped lip skin that accidentally got into my mouth that I chewed a little before realizing what it was.

Alas, the popover recipe looked easy enough, and I thought my husband and kids liked them, and I hadn’t had them in a while, so I figured I’d give them a go.

I brushed the melted butter.


And heated the pan, as Sarah recommended.


I whisked.


And poured in the batter.


A little too much batter. I only filled 9 of the tins. I added water to the empty ones like I would to make cupcakes bake evenly, but in retrospect, that might not be a good method with popovers.


And then I put them in the oven. Now, many of you reading this know me, so you may imagine the torture that followed when I read “Bake 30 minutes without opening the oven.” Gah. All I wanted to do was open that oven. Despite the fact that I would not open the oven when making cookies or cake. Despite nagging my husband not to open the oven door when things are in there. Despite giving out the advice not to open the oven door when people ask for cookie baking advice. Since it was explicitly stated not to, for 30 minutes all I wanted to do was open that oven door.

I stared at them for a while. This is what they looked like after 10 minutes – from outside the oven door.


I started chicken and green beans for dinner. I found a use for leftover vanilla extract project vodka.


I sorted and and stacked cookies to be frosted later tonight.


I google searched popover recipes. It looks like many use a higher temperature to bake. I stared into the oven wondering if I should increase the temperature, and then tried to hide the oven by hanging dishtowels on the oven door hand. It was still only about 18 minutes. I checked my email, switched over the laundry, called the kids in from the driveway, plated the rest of dinner, and longingly touched oven door handle. Here’s what they looked like after 25 minutes.


I started to think that whenever I need to do a lot of things in 30 minutes I should make popovers. Finally the timer went off.


It seems like some popped and some rose, but didn’t officially pop. The outside ones seems to do their thing more than the inside. I think a true popover pan would help get them all on the same page. Two started popping towards the very end, so perhaps a higher oven temperature would help.

We tasted them. We put a little strawberry jam and/or butter on them. My kids liked them. My husband liked them.
They certainly were not lip skin, but I think I’m just more of a biscuit girl.


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