Let’s Go Fly a Kite


I am teaching an art class where I am expected to incorporate science and literacy into the art projects. They are learning about air and wind in their classroom. So I thought building a kite would be perfect.

Of course we had to get messy! To make the kite beautiful we marbleized paper with the shaving cream and food color. Before we started we talked about color theory. I realize that rainbow marble paper is beautiful, but I thought ahead and predicted that several 7 year olds stirring up the colors it would get muddy quickly. So we stuck to warm colors or cool colors, avoiding using complimentary colors (green/red, yellow/purple, orange/blue) together.  Here is a video:

The paper dries quickly, so we constructed the kites in the same class. I used the kite making suggestions from this post.  


We tried to fly one of the kites a week later. The children had great fun, but the paper ripped quickly. Unfortunately the wax paper that Handmade Charlotte suggested will not marbleize. Someone suggested using Tyvek paper.

P.S. The books we read were: “Kite Day” by Will Hillenbrand and “I Face the Wind” by Vicki Cobb.

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