Coloring Books for Big Kids


My kids’ grandmas find coloring very relaxing and therapeutic. They have always enjoyed coloring with my kids, but as my kids are getting older, activities include more read, games, complex crafts, lots and lots of school and not as much social grandma time coloring. That is until this fall.DSC_0001

Our A.C.Moore store usually carries nice coloring books with complex designs and crisp white pages perfect for colored pencils and markers. Older family members have been enjoying the activity of coloring probably more than the kids. My kids, Granma and myself all got new coloring books and colored pencil sets for Christmas and spent much of vacation working on them.


Some of our favorites of these coloring books are the mandalas. Mandalas themselves are pretty a fascinating art (read about them sometime). With their history, meaning and symmetric design, coloring mandalas is known as a very meditative and relaxing activity. These coloring books might be a great gift idea, maybe for someone who is sick, stressed, older kids who like art, longer waits or flights, or for a family get together.

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