dandilion1A friend recently mentioned that she loves dandelions. Another confessed that her seven year old daughter would like dandelions as her flowers at her wedding. The only fondness I have to them is that when I was about six our families yellow lab had puppies and we named two of the puppies “Dande” and “Lion”. dandilion2

Dandelions are supposed to be quite good for you to eat. There is tea out of the root, as well as eating the greens of the plant. My girls and I collected a bunch of greens from my yard. The first of the spring are supposed to be the best before the lawn mower attacks them. They are sitting in my fridge. I was going to boil them and saute them with garlic like this recipe says. However I have been reluctant. Maybe because I have a sick, clingy two year old. Or maybe I am not looking forward to eating them. Can anyone convince me to prepare the greens of the dandelions in my fridge? dandilion3


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  1. We used to have dandelion greens for dinner when I was a child. Sometimes they tasted bitter but when they were tender and sweet they were good. Try it! You may like them! At least your kids can tell their friends they ate dandelions!

    • My in-laws toss them into salad, sometimes they are too bitter for me too. You can certainly saute or blanch the greens (take the stems out) to cut the bitterness, you could easily throw the greens on top of a pizza too! Pretend it’s arugula.

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