Dress Up Closet


I come from a long line of trash pickers. My mom is a pro. My Uncle Charlie should have a TV show about his yard “saleing” and trash finding adventures. Much of the stuff in our house is hand me downs, Craig’s List finds, or yard sale finds. I have recovered, removed paint, stained, and re purposed lots of our belongings.

Why you say? I think mostly because it is in my Yankee blood and can’t be avoided. The big boy has caught on. He loves the  yard sales search, but has started getting very embarrassed when I pull the car over to the side of the road and jump out to grab something. It is ultimately the search and excitement when a treasure is found.  It is also for the environment. Why purchase some thing brand new when there is plenty of its same kind out there that can easily have a new life with a new slip cover.

Some of the kids favorite toys are trash. Cardboard rug tubes are the best Hot Wheel car ramps. Our old queen mattress has become a trampoline in the playroom. An old trunk that was left on the curb has been transformed into a mini closet for the dress up. Here is how I did it:

Dress Up Closet


  • Old trunk deep enough that a child size hanger can fit standing up
  • Large Dowel or old broom stick
  • 2 square pieces of wood 5×5 inches 1inch thick
  • Drill
  • Hole saw drill attachment which makes a big enough hole to accommodate the size of the dowel you are using
  • Saw
  • Measuring devise


  1. Stand the trunk on its short side, so it looks like a mini closet. Make sure the top/ door opens the way you want it. I put this one together and it opened the wrong way and we couldn’t access the clothing, my kids ignored the dress up for weeks. Until I flipped it over and it opened into the room.
  2. Measure the width of the trunk where you want to put the dowel to hang the dress up from.
  3. Cut the dowel to the length you measured.
  4. Cut a hole, most of the way through,  in the center of each of the 5×5 pieces of wood that will be big enough to fit your dowel. A little too big is OK.
  5. I slipped the square wood pieces over the ends of the dowel and lucked out that they fit snugly. So with a little pushing and wiggling I placed the wood squares and the dowel into place. It stays in place with out nails or screws. You can certainly add nails or screws to reinforce the squares.
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  1. Found some great finds this Holiday season. My best were at several places where the proceeds go to either food shelters and/or food pantries. The best way to shop for all to benefit! I am always suprised to find new items with tags. It is a message that there is too much out there and too much waste. Wonderful blog, ladies! Happy Holidays and continue the beautiful quest!

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