Fall Leaves

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For all of you people in parts of the world that don’t experience the change of seasons, it’s incredible. For me, it’s totally worth the winter, because while it can get tiresome, snow is pretty exciting itself.

Here in New England, we get a definite winter (it’s dark at 4pm, it snows, melts two days later leaving everything dirty and slushy, and the cycle repeats for 3 months),  spring (tends to be very short, one month of all outside being brown and dirty,  then daffodils start peaking out showing hope for green, these get snowed on a few times for good measure, and then the air conditioning is pumping full time), summer (HUMID), and the beautiful fall.

In the fall, you wake up one day and entire trees have changed from green to bright yellow, red and orange overnight. It’s breathtaking. Literally, takes my breath away. Today I was walking the dog and every orange leaved tree I came across I gasp with a “Holy cr@p, this is so stinking beautiful.” This happens many times a day in the fall.

New Englanders see this all through their neighborhoods and they still drive to see more. These trees, their leaves and their colors never ever gets old. It’s just so so pretty.

The Kids Should See This posted a link about leaves changing today, if you are interested in the science behind fall foliage.

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