The candles are ready!

Most of New England is preparing for Juno – The Blizzard of 2015. I stopped by our local hardware store today and they said that they had a line of people waiting when they opened at 8:00. Of course the grocery stores have been nutty since Saturday. I thought I would make one of those lists of how I prep. The mom prep list!

What if the power goes out?!?! I have done the usual organizing candles, make sure flash lights are working, and bring in fire wood. I have been doing other things too:

1. Vacuum: I have procrastinated on many chores recently especially vacuuming. If we are inside for two days I don’t want to be playing boardgames in a nest of dog hair.

2. Laundry: The amount of laundry that builds up around here on a daily basis is amazing.  I don’t want to face the pile on the other end. So I did as much laundry as I could.

3. Dish washer: Ran it!

4. Garbage disposal: I have forgotten to do this in past power outages and it is YUCKY!! I am a bit obsessive about clearing it out when a storm is coming.

5. Grind coffee: I like to grind my coffee beans every morning. I just ground a bunch of beans just in case. I’m the only one who drinks coffee so I like the manual-pour-hot-water-over-coffee-technique. We have a gas stove so if the power does go off I can still boil water. I heard on the radio this morning that someone suggested that if you have a coffee maker, make coffee now and put it in the fridge just in case.

6. Bathe everyone: If we have no power the water will not stop running, but it will be cold.

7. Filled bags with water: If my freezer isn’t totally full I fill the spaces with zip locks full of water that freeze and then keeps the freezer stay cold.

8. Glue sticks: Make sure there are some available art supplies. Is the glue all dried up?

What do you do to prep for a big storm?


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