Garden June 25


This week in the garden…

Plus the fruit trees. We planted them last spring. Like the asparagus we are supposed to not eat the produce until next year to let the plants establish them selves. For the fruit trees we actually have to pick off the mini fruit so the trees don’t waste energy on them. A couple plants didn’t even flower this year which was a bit worrisome.¬† We have been told that it is OK.

peach tree

1 Peach tree. We are working on getting rid of some branches that are shading the peach tree.

apple tree

2 apple trees are necessary to produce fruit.

cherry tree

1 Cherry tree


I have been having trouble with onions, carrots, beets, basil, and cucumbers. I planted seeds for them all at the same time I did last year. The onions, beets, and carrots are all in the same bed. And no sign of them at all. I just recently planted more carrots and beets. I am hopeful. The cucumbers grow up and are immediately eaten by something. I am off today to buy basil and cucumber seedling. My main goals this summer is to make lots of pickles, pesto, and pasta sauce. Anything else that is successful  is a bonus.

How does your garden grow?

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