Garden update: August 11


This week in the garden I have the cutest little water melons I have ever seen. I have never grown water melons, we shall see how they taste. And the edamame are almost ready.

garden8.11.2JPG garden8.11.3JPG

My favorite time for flowers in my garden is May and June with the iris and the peonies. But now the wildflowers are coming out in my garden: the daises and black eyed susan. I also have been growing zinnias inside the fence of the vegi garden. Some furry critter has stopped them from growing in the flower beds in the past. They have been very successful behind the fence.  I also love Queen Anne’s lace, however I have tried to tame it in a garden bed before. It is a bad idea!! The daisies and black eyed susan are invasive, but easy to pull up when they get out of hand. Queen Anne’s lace grows from the root wrapping itself around other plants and is hard to get rid of. I will stick to admiring it as I drive by, or in my neighbors yard.

garden8.11.5JPG garden8.11.4JPG garden8.11

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