Ice Ice Baby!


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Even thought Vanilla Ice’s songs are the complete opposite of the Pete Seeger tunes that I am singing along to today in honor of Pete’s great life. “Ice Ice Baby” is too perfect for the title of this post about my families obsession with ice this winter. We live across the street from a small lake. The last 4 winters that we have lived here it has  frozen for about a week mid February. This winter with the continued cold weather it froze thick enough to skate on right after Christmas.  Even with a couple warm days it continues to be skateable. The ice has consumed our life so much that my preschooler has been correcting her teacher when they have been talking about how ice is made in class. Often at breakfast  the conversation is about the outside temperature, if the predicted snow will effect the ice surface, if the predicted rain will act like a zamboni, or if it is too cold and windy to be skating. My husband has been dutifully shoveling out rinks. This weekend he became very impressed by a neighbor who operated a water pump attached to a car battery to smooth out the surface of the ice. Of course this lead to my husband researching “homebonis” and pumps. We do have an auger that has been helpful in measuring the depth for the cautious mom in me. This weekend it was 8 inches thick – thick enough to drive a car on the lake. Maybe next winter we will set up a ice fishing hut?!

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  1. Lovely post! And may I suggest for you ‘ice’ reading / listening pleasure: Twelve Kinds of Ice by Ellen Bryan Obed ~ available at your local library, I’m sure (:

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