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We have started early making Valentine’s cards around here. I like to have some extra time so my kids don’t burn out on the writing part. We did a joint effort for the family cards. Glitter glue painting with the girls, then mom cutting hearts out of the dried result. The sparkly hearts were glued on by the littlest, stamps added by the middle, some glitter hearts by the oldest. Then envelopes by mom, but certainly easy for kids to make. This time the envelopes were made out of magazine pages. In the past I have made them out of old wall calendars. The calendars are often thicker and bigger.

Magazine Envelopes


mag env 1

  • fun colorful pages from a magazine or catalog
  • dark colored marker
  • scissors
  • white glue
  • white copy paper or mailing labels


  1. Lay the magazine page face down on the table. Place the paper that you will be mailing in the center.
  2. With the marker make lines from the corner of the paper to the edge at a slight angle inward. As you know I do not care some much about being exact. So I eye ball the line. You can make a more exact template if you would like. mag env 2
  3. Cut the corners off of the magazine page following the lines that you marked.
  4. Fold in the two sides and then the bottom. Inclose what you would like to mail and seal with the glue. mag env 3
  5. Flip it over to the front side. Place a mailing label in the center or cut a piece of white paper and glue in the center. I like using white glue because I trust it more to stay in place then glue stick. mag env 4
  6. Place a stamp on it and mail away!
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