Love to try… creating my own chocolate bar.

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Here’s the Love to try: Halloween edition.

What if you could make any combination of flavors candy bar? What would you want?

I’d love to try to make something that fully satisfies all of my tastes and senses in one bar.

I  love the idea of the Hershey’s Take Five:  bitter chocolate, salty pretzels and sweet and creamy caramel.

I also like the flavor and texture combinations in something like a Twix bar or Toffifay.

But my favorite chocolate bars are probably Scor or Toblerone bars.

So maybe I’d try to make something like a shortbread cookie base, covered in caramel with salty pretzels coated in a thin layer of quality dark chocolate?

Or a chocolate covered salted caramel with toffee bits?

How about taking graham crackers and pretzels and crushing them up, then making them into a tiny tart crust, fill that tart with a layer of creamy caramel and cover it all in chocolate?

I have a feeling I have some friends would would love me to try some of these out.

Happy Halloween!

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