Mending Days



Today is a Mending Day. Mending one of the chores in my house that I put off for a while. There is typically at least one thing piled on or under my sewing machine to be repaired, or with my skinny waist kids, more likely than repaired, something needing to be taken in. I usually wait until I get at least few things to mend, and then I work on the whole pile. Sometimes only being inspired to start because one of the items has an owner  eager to have it returned, or just because I don’t like things hanging over my head for too long. But I typically dread the task when I look at the pile sitting there waiting.

Until I’m doing it. And then it’s wholly satisfying, often because with kids’ activities, and sports and other things going on, I haven’t had much sewing time, and it’s nice to have a small hands on project. Some times, the satisfaction comes from being able to return a beloved item to the owner (well-loved stuffed animals or favorite sweatshirts or knee worn pants often inhabit the to do pile). Lots of times, the fix may require some engineering, problems solving or learning a new technique, and I really like that too. I like not giving up on the items from a waste/recycling/cost sense, and not being the bread winner in the family, it is one way that I can take care of my family.

And in the end, the mending jobs never take long at all and it feels good to cross off the to do list.


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