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This story starts with my love of hanging laundry on a line outside. A couple weeks ago I hung up two loads of laundry on my trusty clothes line. With the weight of too many wet towels and years of wear and tear the cloths line snapped and all the clothes landed in the wet grass. My big girl immediately came over to me and gave me a hug. She could see how sad I was from the death of my clothes line and frustrated that the work I just put in had to be redone.

I promptly went to the hardware store to the clothes line / rope isle and found a pretty blue paracord and decided to try it as a replacement for my dead clothes line. Of course it was too stretchy. I pulled it taught on the hooks, but as soon as I put the wet clothes on it sagged to the ground. Suddenly I had 100 feet of pretty blue paracord to use for something else. My big boy has acquired a couple paracord bracelets thathe loves,  so we decided to try to figure them out on our own.

paracord 1


We went to our best craft recourse YouTube!! Here is helpful video and there are endless other options:

I have found that my almost 8 year old could totally handle this by him self except for the melting of the cord at the end. My almost 5 year old liked doing them, but needed lots of hand holding. We also made a big monkey fist necklace (harder than it looks),  mini monkey fists around a hair ties, cobra key chains, and the heart knot necklace.

Amazon is a great place for supplies. Here a some great clips. And lots of color choices for cord.

paracord 2

The end of the clothes line story is…I have found that the clothes line with the metal covered with plastic has been working OK so far.


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