Rubber Band Bracelet Update



We successfully made and used our own loom for making rubber band bracelets using 2″ framing nails and a scrap piece of 2 x 4.



This is certainly not as easy to use as something like the Rainbow Loom where each peg has a slot that you can slip a crochet hook. Learning new patterns along with the no slot adds to the frustration and learning curve for my girls, but isn’t bad at all for me and we’ve worked together.


The homemade loom works for all of the Rainbow Loom patterns we’ve found on YouTube. I spaced out the nails 1″ apart – the outside and inside lines are offset by 1/2″.┬áMy nine year old dreams of being the girls YouTube instructors and my girls have conversationally referred to Ashley as though she is a good friend.


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  1. Thanks for introducing us to Ashley. And I might be having to make the cool homemade version of the loom for little sister to be doing it as big sister makes hers.

    • Did you watch her music videos about her daily routines? I’m not going to let my kids see them unless we are super bored one day with a lot of time on our hands, because my crew will definitely want to create something similar.

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  4. Wow! It is so amazing how you created your homemade loom! The bracelets aren’t EXACTLY the same but it is pretty cool. I have the loom myself though! Please keep posting about Rainbow Loom!

  5. wow cool braclets

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