This day.


Today was awesome.

It was one of those “first day of spring” days that we were able to make a priority to celebrate. There was a lot of dog walking, bike and scooter riding, hula hooping, basketball dribbling, and garden pre-planning. We spotted worms on driveways on the way to the bus stop, snowdrops, ladybugs, ants, and flies. My boy and I were outside for 5 hours straight. My girls joined us after school. Two of us may have gone out for ice cream for lunch.

There was some of this:


And bunch of this:


There was the start of the incessant “Can you fill this with water?”



But for today I obliged. It was, after all, Baby Bunny’s birthday.


I kept waiting for someone to call us in for dinner. Eventually, I fessed up to being the mom, admitted Bunny’s birthday soup wasn’t going to feed us all, and let the kids and dog stay outside while I took off my muddy shoes at the back door and went in to start supper.  I slightly grumbled to myself about growing up and its duties, but the giant dose of sunshine, play and fresh air took over and reminded me that I had ice cream for lunch.

Today was awesome.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect day, Jenny!!!!

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